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Six Areas of Practice

[wpc_custom_heading heading=”New Construction” colored_line=”yes” size=”medium”]

From sheds, to barns, to new homes, and commercial projects. AZ Group Construction has a division set to meet and surpass your new construction project goals.

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AZ Group is siding experts, we can repair your damaged siding, match your old sidings color for an addition, or side your new project quickly and efficiently.

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Concrete floors, slabs, foundations, block work, brick work, chimneys, you name it, if its made out of concrete, bricks or blocks, we can fix it guaranteed.

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Ask anyone who has them replacement windows pay for themselves over and over in again in saved energy costs. AZ Group replacement windows come with a warranty, open and close like a dream, and will save you a fortune on heating bills.

[wpc_custom_heading heading=”Residential Construction Repairs” colored_line=”yes” size=”medium”]

AZ Group is home repair specialists so if you have a leaky roof, a hole in the wall, a broken step, a leaky foundation, a garage or barn sinking off balance, a broken porch, or just feel like remodeling call us today.

[wpc_custom_heading heading=”Commercial Construction Repairs” colored_line=”yes” size=”medium”]

Is your loading dock taking a beating? Need to remodel for anew renter? Need commercial repairs on your warehouse, storefront, or restaurant? Whatever it is we have done it before and our experience is here to help. Call us today for a free estimate.